Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

" Life is a book,
Everyday has a new page, with adventures to tell, things to learn and tales to remember.
May you have a good chapter this new year. Happy New Year".

That was the message that I received from a dear Sister wishing me new year. Yes, 2009 will be a new book with new chapter to me. My new year resolutions are to settle all my debts, starts saving again, buy me a house, be a better person, no more tears, want to lead a healthy & happy life.I want to create a positive aura for myself. Why? Because my aim this year is , I want to get marry. Yes!!!! I do not feel ashamed to admit it here in my blog that I want to get marry. Is it not the reason why we live in this beautiful world created by ALLAH. To build a happy family so that our next generation will lead the world as according to HIM.

2009 kick with a good start for me.... :D....I went out with an interesting friend whom I just got to know. We had similar situation. We had a good laugh.We had a good chat over a cup of coffee.( If U are reading this, I think U know who U R, as I promised u the coffee that I want to treat U..... ;) ). I enjoyed his company and I do hope he enjoyed mine as well. I hope & pray that it will be better for me for the rest of the years...I hope I will meet with a person who can accept me for who I am. A person who will love & care for me and a person who will guide me in life. My new friend said this to me, " I want to go back to a HOME not a HOUSE". Well, that is what I want as well. I think it is about time for me to settle down, to have my own family. I'm aching and yearning to have my own child. My inner & biological clock is ticking... I love child and I would really love to feel being a Mother and most important being a WIFE to someone that I love dearly.

2008 was a good year. Year of improvement & achievement. Despite those, there were still tears. I remembered, I promised my self that I'm not going to cry for year 2008, but I could not help it. It had to fall....and I could not stop. I think it is better for me to let it fall so that I could let it out all the grievances inside and not save or buried it deep inside. I am not good in keeping those sadness inside. I have to let it out so that I would feel better. To me crying is good...a way of expression....BUT I do not want to let it fall again this year. Since it started with a good start, I hope it will be beautiful, colour with rainbows,always shine and if rain comes , I hope it will go away. ( As in the rhyme, Rain..rain go away, please come another day...).

Insyallah, 2009 will be a better year for me. As I told one of my good friend, I do not want to start 2009 with sadness & bad word....because I want to have the positive vibe so that all the positive auras will always follow me where ever I go. Again I make promise to myself, no more tears for 2009 except for tears of joy. Oh! btw, I am going to graduate by middle of this year and already this is a good vibe. Do pray for me dear friends as I need all your prayers. My wish is each and everyone of you my friend out there will have a better, healthy, happy life and more wealth.Happy new year....Cheers & Love you all....